When you stumble upon your passion there is this amazing feeling of completeness, purpose and vision. I developed Scents of Vision because I was struggling with what a lot of people my age are and that’s finding their “why” I found that in making candles and am so excited to share with you all my passion for home fragrances.


What is Scents of Vision?

-Scents of Vision is a candle company that offers decadent fragrances with a premium coconut wax blend. The scents are warm, inviting and fill every room. Each candle was created with the vision of not only enhancing home décor but offering a memorable scent that lasts for hours. The name scents of vision came from my Youtube channel Boss Vision. There, I encourage women to boss up and elevate their realities. I came up with Scents of Vision with a family memory and the name stuck. I create candles for young strong women who deserve empowering words and a great bonus to their self care routine. My candles are aesthetically pleasing and offer an amazing warm fragrance. They are designed to remind you of your vision and keep your focus at heart. Hand-poured with love, these candles are phthalate free and filled with everything yummy. I know you will love them as much as I do!

Scent:a distinctive smell that is pleasant

Vision: The ability to think about the future

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